Wednesday, 20 July 2011

how do u pick ur books

i have been wondering how people pick their books for me i go for my faves but when picking a new author i have got two ways to do this 1. go for the cover if it draws me in and then read whats it about, but other the other way 2. is getting recommedations from amazon and the cool guys in my online book groups where i got introdused to sookie, harry dresden, anita blake :)

56 .A Tale of Two Goblins

A tale of two goblins by H.P. Mallory

184 pages

I love this author, I regularly trip back to H P Mallory's website to check on her progress of the next book. I eagerly reviewed all of her other titles.

The story does not disappoint, Dulcie O'Neill has developed into a wonderful character and although not technically a crime fighter she now exploits the best of both worlds, her freedom to write and "Detective: Consultant". More aspects of HP's paranormal world evolve, both with new species and new patterns to crime plausible in this world.

I couldn't help but read on because I was living in hope of my questions being answered and some relationship evolution. This is the reason my star rating dropped, I feel a little cheated. I hoped to glean more into the abilities and mystery of a Loki (AKA "Super Sexy" Knight ) I also hoped that Dulcie might pull herself together a little and take a personal chance, it didn't happen. Of course all these threads remain hanging so I will probably be one of the first to read the next installment of Dulcie's life, but please HP you can build the scene too much - Give a little :-)

55. any man of mine

Any many od mine by rachel gibson
384 pages

My summary of the book - After seeing and talking to Autumn at a wedding it jolts Sam into realising he needs to spend more time with his son but he starts to make the effort Autumn doesn't believe it is going to last and tries to protect herself and son as she knows her son will be upset. Slowly Sam makes the effort and spends more time which means more time seeing Autumn but she can't be around him without thinking about their past in Las Vegas.

Thoughts on the characters - Autumn experienced quite a weekend when she first meets Sam as she ends up married and pregnant and it changes her life. When Sam leaves her after that weekend it hardens her as she had to repair her broken heart and get on with her life and care for her son. This affects Autumn and Sam getting along when they are in the same room as she can't forgive him for what he done but she realises that he still is very attractive and she can't stop feeling attracted to him.
Sam changes through the book from a womaniser who cares about hockey but when Autumn tells him some home truths he realises he needs to change and be a better dad. As he makes the changes in his life he can't understand why he feeling attracted to Autumn as she is not his usual woman and the more time he spends with her and his son his feelings become confusing. When he realises what he wants he faces a struggle to convince Autumn.

Thoughts on the writing style - Really engaging and easy to read so you don't lose where you are or what is happening.

Overall thoughts - I love Rachel Gibson's books and I have to say I really enjoyed this one too. It was passionate, engaging and emotional. Well worth a read.